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Angelford Equestrian will
look forward to seeing you at the
Horsemanship Show Case Event 2023!
Angelford at Horsemanship Showcase

Equine Bodywork Therapy 
Sub-Clinical Evaluation - Body Alignment - Myofascial Release  Cranial & Sacral - Remedial Sports Massage 
Physiological Balance  

 Whole Body Treatment!

Behavioural Training 

Performance Horsemanship


Communication - Lower Anxiety - Groundwork - Ridden work- Backing Youngsters - Young horse handling - Foal handling - Spooking - Barging - Loading

 Rehabilitation & Returning to work


I have the unique ability to help with both Behavioural and 
Bodywork issues...

Two things which are very often closely connected...
Behavioural problems can often be very much reduced or removed once your horse feels happier through 
his/her whole body. 

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