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Treatment price: £55

Minimum hour per horse

Happy to travel 

Mileage cost: calculated depending on distance 

tools of the trade

Tools I use to help your horse. 

Including fascial edge tool for deep muscle and soft tissue release. 

Red light tool

Benefits include:

Reduce pain

Reduce inflammation

Improve Healing of skin, muscle, tendon and ligaments

Improve Lymphatic circulation

Improve Circulation

Aid the release of trigger points 

Stimulate cell regeneration, energy and the use of antioxidants. 


I am a fully qualified and insured


 Equine Myofascial Release levels 1,2 & 3

Equine Subclinical Evaluation 

EMFR Level 3 incorporating...cranio-sacral work

ETUK Saddle fitting  

Indirect and Direct MFR

Body Alignment 

Cranial Balance

Trigger/pressure point work

Soft tissue release

Passive stretching

Sports & remedial massage techniques

Mobilising routines

Carrot stretches 

Red Light Therapy

Benefits to your horse​ include​ improved:

Competition performance

Body Alignment & Balance 

Pain & Tension Reduction

Muscle Tone


Lymphatic efficiency 



General well being 

Behavioural Issues

Recovery time 

Reduction in injury & soreness 

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