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Canine Massage 


Treatment Cost

£35 per dog 

£30 for more than one dog 

You can come to me or I can come to you. 

Massage can be added as part your dogs routine to:

Maintain healthy pain free muscles and joints

As part of a recovery schedule after illness or an operation

To assist older dogs in staying fit and active longer

Sooth and aid recovery for working dogs

What ever age or breed, your dog would love to retaining the ability to chase a ball, retrieve a toy, enjoy a walk in the woods or be able to jump onto the sofa well into old age! 

Our dogs are tremendously important to us.

They are our best and most loyal friends and keeping them

happy and healthy does without saying. 

As a an ETUK therapist your dogs can enjoy the benefits of:

Diagnostic testing to assess for pain and discomfort 

Soft tissue release

Remedial massage 


Red light therapy

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