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Equine Training and Behavioural Work

Pricing:  £45 Individual training sessions

Training offered:

Groundwork training

Building communication and trust

Developing your partnership

De-sensitising and sensitising work

Starting horses under saddle

Performance Long lining 

Leading & Loading


Stable manners

Preparing for competition environment

Rider and ridden training

Staying safe 

Problem solving

Hacking out 

Rehabilitation - returning to work following injury and/or box rest 

Biomechanical balance and straightness training

Personal coaching

Training aimed and tailored more towards you and what you can do to 

improve your relationship with your horse.

First assessments include...

Building your profile including information on:

Your horse e.g. type of work , work routine, diet, likes and dislikes, turnout routine etc

Veterinary history/current issues


Tack check 

Any behavioural issues

Your history

What you would like to achieve with your horse. 

Ground work assessment 

Optional Pain assessment and Bodywork session

Ground work session

What a typical ground work session could include:

Learning to focus your horse 

Control of the shoulder and hind

Sensitising and de-sensitising

Dis-engage the hind end 

Lateral walk

and much more

Round pen sessions

What typical round pen session could include:

Working at liberty to achieve a strong line of communication through

movement of the feet and gaining awareness, acknowledgement and attention. 

Advancing  body control and the keys to connection. 

Day trips to the Beach

At my West Norfolk base I can offer a day training or riding  on the beach. 

Having spent over 6 years riding on Holme beach I can offer guidance on tide times and how to stay

safe while enjoying the surroundings.

Below I have outlined the journey that bought me to where I am now...

I have worked with horses professionally for most of my life, having grown up surrounded by animals and horses on our family farm, stockmanship and horsemanship is in my blood.

Having learned skills over the years from old school traditional breeders/dealers, colleges, BHS, riding schools, livery yards, racing yards and through equine industry in general, I have grown to feel something fundamental is missing in the way we communicate with animals - particularly horses. I have dedicated my time to the pursuit of a real communion with these magnificent animals through a more natural and equitable approach. I believe that as we advance through our lives we can learn from our previous experiences can emerge with more maturity and build on our wisdom becoming the very best versions of ourselves for our horses. 

After all our horses will see through to our hearts and mirror our emotions. 

My methods are to a large extent drawn from people such as Warwick Schiller, Monty Roberts,  Pat Parelli, Richard Maxwell, Buck Branaman, Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance - put together with my own experiences.

For me the ability to connect with horses through the right communication for both the individual horse and human is everything. Trust and willingness begins with the right connection. 

Holme Park Stud 1998


This experience was an opportunity to learn stud management skills, foaling, handling mares, stallions and young stock.


During this time I advanced my riding skills with various trainers and learn the backing and training process using European German, traditional English, Richard Maxwell and Monty Roberts training methods. 



Shuttleworth College Equine Department

As an Instructor Technician my role included:

Teaching, training and assessing students of all abilities in stable management and horsemanship skills to achieve their qualification.

Yard and land management

Suitability assessment of liveried horses as college school horses for student learning.

Re- training learned and habituated behaviours and general re-training for balance and fitness.




As a Freelance Rider/Trainer



I competed at Dressage and showing with my own horses training up to medium level dressage and worked freelance, riding and training horses for clients.


Manager at Home Farm Stables

Being at Home Farm stables  for over 6 years, I saw up to 400 horses and their owners a year. This gave me a great insight into many varied horsemanship styles, abilities and the needs of horses and owners.

Many guests required assisted first time training rides on the beach with their horses or assistance loading to go home. 





Qualifications and training


ETUK Sports Remedial  Massage and Therapy  Diploma

BTEC Degree Equine Behavioural Science

Equine MFR  Level I, II & III

Equine Sub-Clinical Evaluation 

CPD ETUK Saddle Fitting 

CPD Equine Rehab & Postural Training with Gillian Tabor

CPD Sacroiliac ligaments & the iliopsoas muscles with Horses Inside out 

CPD Understanding the basics of saddle fit wit Saddlefit4life Academy 

BHS stage 3 the training up to stage 4 

National Vocational Qualifications horsemanship, riding and stud management.

HNC and PTT training.

Monty Roberts and Intelligent Horsemanship Kelly Marks training

Online study with Warwick Schiller


Further study into horsemanship by

Pat Parelli

Tom Dorrance

Ray Hunt

Buck Brannaman

TRT Method


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